What is the Right Age for Hair Transplantation?

It is completely natural to panic after finding clumps of hair in your brush or on the pillow. Those first signs of hair loss can be painful to discover, and you might start imagining tiny bald spots on the top of your head growing bigger and bigger. The most common reason for hair loss is genetic; so if you take a look at your family history, you would get a sense of what your head may look like at a certain point in your life.

After traumatic hair loss conditions, people immediately start researching for methods to make their hair grow back, or possibly they even look into a hair transplant. It is fairly common for some people to start losing their hair in their 20’s but there is no reason to immediately freak out.

Is it safe to undergo hair transplantation before 20?

There isn’t a specific minimum age for getting a surgical hair restoration treatment; but, most hair transplant surgeons and practices would not recommend the procedure to someone under the age of 21. This is because most of the people under this age do not have a stable pattern of hair loss and their hair loss pattern continues to mature as they grow older. Thus, their hair loss condition is generally less predictable. Also, they have more chances to develop the problem of hair loss again, even after hair transplantation.

However, in very rare cases where hair loss is permanent and not progressive, the surgery can be performed to someone under the age of 21. But most of the hair transplant clinics recommend the patients for not taking this risk.

The Reasons behind considering the Age factor for Hair Transplant

The hair transplant surgeons suggest that a person shouldn’t undergo hair restoration surgery too early without a physician’s comprehensive analysis, as there are several reasons behind it:

  • The extent and rate of hair loss is usually unpredictable
  • A diagnosis of a disease or health condition might be missed
  • Restoring the hairline to its actual position will look unnatural as the patient grows older

Consultation with a Dermatologist is essential!

We understand that it is a scary feeling to see your hair begin to fall out when you are still in the prime of your life. Even though nobody wants to see their hair falling out, it can be traumatizing, especially when it happens at a young age. This is the reason why the age-related queries are common among people as they want to know whether their age is suitable for getting hair transplantation. They often ask their doctors about the minimum age for receiving hair transplantation.

Since hair loss varies by individuals, you should not opt for any treatment without having the consultation with a doctor about your hair loss condition. Multiple clinics offer a free consultation; NHT as well. you can take this advantage and learn more about various hair loss treatment options available for you. Also, you’ll get to know if the hair transplant surgery is the right solution for your hair loss/baldness or you are the right candidate for hair transplantation.

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